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Thank you for visiting my website. My reviews on this website are unbiased and honest reviews that contain my own opinions. I am not here to represent anyone.

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This website also Search Ads. The two ad networks that I am a part of our Google Adsense and Media.net. Google Adsense allows publishers to display Search Ads on their websites. Advertisers who wish to display their ads on a website compete through an auction. The advertiser that wins the auction with the highest bid will get to place their ad on the website. Advertisers that use this program pay Google $1 for every click a visitor makes on their Ad. As a publisher, I get a 68% share of the revenue Google earns through the search ad on my website. This means Google pays me 68 cents out of every dollar they earn when a visitor clicks on this ad. Media.net uses a double click process and I get paid anytime an advertisement is clicked on the landing page of advertisements. The amount can vary.