8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes To Avoid

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes To Avoid

Bloggers have various reasons on why they blog. Some do this because they love writing. It enhances their writing skills and they become excellent writers in the long run, giving them the opportunity to turn this into a professional career. Others love to share the information and news they learn, and their blog serves as their platform to reach more people.

Another reason why people blog is that this can be a money generator. They can earn from advertisements and affiliate marketing programs that they participate in. Those who have their business or company may also start a blog to reach more potential clients and connect with them.

Whatever your reason is for deciding to make your own blog, the steps in creating one is typically the same. First, decide on what your blog would be all about. For instance, it could be about travel, apps, finance, etc. Then you have to choose which blogging platform to use. Some of the most popular platforms include WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

Create an account, customize your blog and start publishing articles for your readers to see. You should also use other platforms like social media sites to let others know about your blog and start generating traffic. It wouldn’t serve its purpose if the blog doesn’t have followers or visitors.

While the general process of starting and managing a blog may seem very simple, once you begin experiencing it yourself, you may find that it’s not that easy. Various challenges would come your way, but they can be overcome, just as other bloggers overcame theirs.

It’s understandable that you want everything to be running smoothly, but this doesn’t just happen in the real world. You would slip up every now and then, making various errors, which would teach you lessons on how to become a better blogger. While you will surely be making your own mistakes one way or another, you can still avoid some of them by learning from the mistakes of other bloggers when they were just starting.

One of the most common errors that new bloggers make is that they immediately go for free blogs instead of a paid one without weighing their consequences. If you’re not planning to take blogging seriously, then the free blog platforms would do. However, if you want to be a professional blogger or you wish to use this as a platform to make your brand or name known, then you should go for a paid one.

In a free blog, you cannot get your own domain so the name of the platform would be included in your URL, which doesn’t sound professional. A paid blog would let you get your own domain that would help you with your branding. Another mistake that newbies in blogging do is that their writing is monotonous. You should add life to the way you write as if you’re speaking directly to your readers so they would be engaged.

It’s also very important to post on your blog regularly. Others do the mistake of creating a blog and posting just when they remember to do so. The reason why you should have a regular schedule for this is to keep your audience visiting your blog as they know that they have something new to look forward to. They might stop checking your blog and forget about it if you do not have any updates.

These are just some of the many mistakes that other bloggers have made while they were starting, which you could learn from. We prepared a highly informative infographic that lists more of these blogging errors that you can prevent.

You may find our attention-grabbing and easy to understand illustration below:

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid (SBO)


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