Overview Of Affiliate Marketing

      Overview Of Affiliate Marketing 


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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Cycle

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that allows individuals to work as publishers (affiliates) for advertisers and earn money by promoting the products and services from those advertisers. As a publisher, you can create a website that helps drive traffic (consumers) to your advertisers. As a result, your website is increasingly the probability that your advertisers will generate more sales. As a publisher, if your website helps your advertisers generate more sales, your efforts in directing traffic (consumers) to your advertisers will be compensated financially in the form of a commission (a portion or a percentage of a sale).


Price of Advertiser’s Product: $40

Commission Rate (Percentage) that Publisher earns from Advertiser: 25% (0.25 expressed as a decimal)

Commission (Dollar Value) that Publisher earns from Advertiser: $10

Formula for Calculating Publisher’s Commission in Dollar Value: (Price of Advertiser’s Product X Commission Rate = Commission in Dollar Value)

This Example: ($40 X 0.25 = $10)

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