Affiliate Marketing Training Program (Review Of Wealthy Affiliate University)

Review Of Wealthy Affiliate University: The Affiliate Marketing Training Program That Caters To All Levels of Expertise


This blog post will explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and my experiences with Wealthy Affiliate.  If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, I would suggest reading my blog post called Overview of Affiliate Marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that provides individuals with an honest opportunity for creating an online business. At first, I was skeptical. Online Training programs tend to have upfront costs and upsells which make them less trustworthy. Some programs also have bold claims. Upon further research, I found Wealthy Affiliate was an exception.


First: Wealthy Affiliate did not have any bold claims that claimed I could get rich quickly with their program.

Second: They also did not have any upfront costs or upsells.

Third: Wealthy Affiliate also offers three different components in their training program that I consider pretty important for starting an online business.

 3 Essential Parts for Starting An Online Business

1) Support: If you are going to start an online business, it is important that you have the support you need available to you when you need it. Starting an online business without the proper support will inevitably cause you to waste more time than you need to waste and will limit your potential success online. Anyone who is beginning the process of creating an online business will begin to have questions. Finding answers to those questions through the information provided on the web doesn’t always suffice. Having access to a network of like minded people who have the expert knowledge that you are looking for is critical for getting answers, making progress and for maximizing your success online.

2) Website: Unless you have a degree in Computer Science and have a lot of experience with coding websites elsewhere, you will probably have a hard time creating an online business with your own website. I am not formally educated in Computer Science and don’t have any experience with coding websites. If you are someone like me and is worried about the technical aspects behind starting your own online business, then you will ideally want to find the right resources that will help you fix this problem. A website is your foundation in the online world and is an expression of yourself. A website truly makes the difference between a successful online business and one that is not successful. If you try to create an online business without a website, you will not have a place to create content for your niche that supports what you are trying to sell. You also won’t be able to grow a targeted audience (a potential list of followers) for your content. Having a website that gets indexed on a search engine will allow others to find your content when they search for keywords that are related to your niche. This will help you maximize internet traffic and revenue.

3) Training: There are many training programs for helping people make money online, but these programs greatly vary with the training that they offer. Having access to the information that you need when you need is important. When I first started out, I knew nothing about Starting A Business Online. I needed training that wasn’t only suitable for people who had existing knowledge on how to start a business, but training that was suitable for people who had no knowledge on Starting A Business. What I ideally wanted was step by step training that could take anyone (someone like me who knew nothing to begin with) through the whole process of creating an online business.

Every online business is different, but every person who manages to create a successful online business has access to these three critical components that are vital to their success. After spending an excessive amount of time coming across many seemingly untrustworthy programs, I was beginning to lose hope. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate. With a name like Wealthy Affiliate, I was almost certain that this program was full of hype and fake promises.

Despite my initial doubt, I decided to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. One thing that drew me to Wealthy Affiliate is that it offered customers the ability to create a free starter Account in order to test the waters to see if it was right for them.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 Step Process for Starting an Online Business

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.24.48 AM

The Process of growing an Online Business at Wealthy Affiliate can be simplified down to a 4 step Process.

First: Choose An interest: When you create an online Business (Affiliate Marketing or Non Affiliate Marketing Business), it doesn’t matter what your niche is for your business. The Niche (your target audience) that you choose for your online businesses should revolve around your own interests. Choose a niche that interests you the most. Targeting a specific audience on a subject matter that your both interested in and knowledgeable in will make building a profitable online business a much easier process. Choosing a profitable niche that doesn’t interest you in the beginning is fine, but you will find the niche less appealing over time. This will become evident if your monthly traffic and revenue starts to decrease. A niche that you consistently look forward to creating content on is one that will serve you well in the long run.

Second: Build A Website: After you choose an interest (your niche) for an online business that you want to create, you will have to create a website. Building a website is really important because it is the foundation of your online business. Your website will attract visitors through internet traffic and the traffic that your website gets will help you grow your businesses. Without a website, your website will not attract internet traffic, and your won’t be able to create a target audience for your website. Wealthy Affiliate allows you create 2 free websites with their starter account. The 2 free websites that you can create using Wealthy Affiliate are WordPress websites.

Third: Get Rankings and Attracting Visitors: After you get your website up and running, your next main objective will be to get your website ranked on one of the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). Getting a good ranking on one of these search engines is important because it puts your websites name within the top search results when someone makes a web search that contains the key words of your websites domain and content.  Ideally, you want your website to rank within the first 5 search results on the first page of Google or any other search engine.  If people can find you more easily, you will have an easier time generating traffic to your website. Your website’s ranking on a search engine depends upon the amount of written content your website has. The more content your website has, the better your website’s ranking will be. Wealthy Affiliate’s training provides tips and insights into writing content for your website.

Fourth: Earning Revenue: After you create your website and start attracting visitors, earning revenue will come naturally for your website. The amount of revenue you wish to earn from your website will depend upon the written content your website has and the amount of network traffic your website receives. When you have a website, its important to consistently create new content for your website in order to consistently attract visitors to your website.Your website’s profitability will ultimately depend your commitment to frequently creating new content for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Memberships

There are two memberships offered at Wealthy Affiliate: There is a Starter Membership and a Premium Membership:

Start Member Membership: ($0) Free to Join (Sign Up Here To Create A Free Account)

1) 2 Free Websites on Wealthy Affiliate’s Web Hosting Platform

Wealthy Affiliate uses a Cloud Based Web Hosting Platform. Wealthy Affiliate’s Web Hosting and Website Builder are both inclusive features in their starter and premium membership options. When you sign up as a starter member, you can host 2 websites at Wealthy Affiliate with their Site Rubix Website Builder. Although the Site Rubix Website builder is based off of WordPress’s Website Builder, it comes with many additional features.

First: One of these features is no advertisements. Unlike WordPress Website’s, Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix’s websites do not have any advertisements shown.

Second: Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix Website Builder also provide a vast selection of graphical themes (around 1400 themes) that you can choose from for your website.

Third: There are multiple Preinstalled plug ins with Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix Website builder. Some of the preinstalled plugins include Akismet (a spyware plugin for comments), Si Captcha (a plugin that reduces the likelihood of bots commenting on your website and All In One Seo (a plugin that helps optimize your website’s ranking within Google and other search engines).

Fourth: Site Rubix Website’s use different metrics for analyzing the performance of your website. These metrics are all part of an option that Wealthy Affiliate features called Site Health. Some of the different metrics that Site Health analyzes are

a) Publishing Frequency: How frequently you are publishing new content on your website.

b) Social Engagement: How much social engagement your website is receiving in the form of comments.

c) Site Trust: This is a metric that shows how much trust a search engine has for your website. The longer your website is within a search engine, the more trust it will have.

d) Indexed: This metric will tell you whether your website is indexed or not.

Asides from these features, there are two other very useful feature within the Site Rubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate which make using a Site Rubix website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate advantageous over regular WordPress websites that are hosted with other companies. These two features are only available for Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate.

a) Site Comments: Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform was originally constructed as a social network where members could communicate with one another and receive help. As of now, Wealthy Affiliate is the largest Affiliate Marketing Community in the world with around 650,000 members. As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can communicate with any one of these individuals within the platform. Site Comments is a feature that allows you to get comments on your posts and pages within your website. This is an important feature because comments is used as a measure of social engagement. Google’s search algorithm looks at the social engagement of any website when it considers where to rank that particular website under the set of keywords that the website ranks under. The system works as a credit system. If you leave two comments on two different websites, you will receive two credits. You can later redeem those two credits for a single comment on a post or page within your website.  If you leave four comments on four different websites, you could receive four credits that you could redeem for two comments on any of your posts and pages within your website.

b) Site Feedback: This features also utilizes Wealthy Affiliate’s credit system. This feature allows you to leave feedback on any individual’s website within Wealthy Affiliate and earn a single credit. Similar to Site Comments, you can get feedback on your own website once you leave feedback on two different websites and earn two credits. Within Site Feedback, there are different types of feedback that you can ask people to give you on your website. These include:

  • General Feedback: This option allows you to get feedback of any sort on your website.
  • Feedback on Site Design: This is an option that allows you to get feedback on your website’s site design which includes things such as the theme and the different colors used within your website. Some WordPress themes are text based themes while other themes are media based themes that have more visuals.
  • Feedback on Content: This is an option that allows you to get feedback on your content within your posts and pages.
  • Feedback on website’s layout: This is an option that allows you to get feedback on the organization of your website’s content

Building a Website at Wealthy Affiliate is a matter of minutes. After you figure out what your domain is, you can have a Site Rubix website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting platform very quickly.

2) Affiliate Bootcamp: Starting Your Foundation (Phase 1) Training Course: The 1st Training Course for the Affiliate Bootcamp

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.25.33 AM

When you first sign up for Wealth Affiliate, your asked to choose a niche. After you choose your niche, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create a website that revolves around your niche. If you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and cannot decide on a niche that you are interested in for an Online Business, the Affiliate Bootcamp would be an ideal option for you. The Bootcamp is a training program that teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate through their affiliate program. The first lesson of the 1st training course provides a tour of Wealthy Affiliate and walks through the affiliate program. The first course will walk through the process of obtaining a domain and transferring the domain to Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting servers. You have to be a premium member in order to host your own domain.

Here is a video that walks through Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program:

3) Commissions: The commissions you will receive as a starter member and premium member vary. These are some of the commissions you could receive through Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.23.34 AM

There is an average affiliate sale of $100 from every referral that upgrades to a Premium Membership.

Starter Member Commissions: 

  •  $4 commission from each starter member that signs up for the 1st month initial offer ($19) of the premium membership
  • $11.25 monthly recurring commission from each premium member after their first month as a premium member.
  • $87.50 Yearly recurring commission from each premium member that upgrades from a monthly premium membership to a yearly premium membership.

Premium Member Commissions: 

  • $8 commission from each starter member that signs up for the 1st month offer ($19) of the premium membership.
  • $23.50 (recent price change) monthly recurring commission from each premium member after their first month as a premium member.
  • $175 Yearly recurring commissions from premium members that upgrades from a monthly premium membership to a yearly premium membership.
  • $1 Credit from each starter member that signs up and sets up their account.

4) The Getting Started Online Entrepreneur Certification Course:

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.05.34 PM

The Getting Started Entrepreneur certification course is the first course of the Entrepreneur Certification Course series. Unlike the Affiliate Bootcamp, the Entrepreneur Certification Course series provide training for creating an online business within your own niche. The first course that you have access to with a starter account walks you through all the features that Wealthy Affiliate has as a starter member and as a premium member (if you decide to upgrade). You will be able to set up your own account and get your first website up and running. You will be able to create a website with a name of your choice and have it hosted with the ( extension.

Here is the Wealthy Affiliate Walk through video in the first lesson of the Getting Started Entrepreneur Certification Course that gives an overview of Wealthy Affiliate.


5) Access to Wealthy Affiliate’s Community for the First 7 days As A Starter Member

As a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can have access to Wealthy Affiliate’s community for the first 7 days. Wealthy Affiliate’s Community has roughly 650,000 members. For the first 7 days, you can communicate with any one of these members without the use of private messaging. After the first week, you will have to become a Premium Member in order to continue to have access to support from the community.

Premium Member Membership: $49/month or $359/year 

As a starter member, you have access to a lot of good training and tools at Wealthy Affiliate. As a premium member, you have access to much more training, tools and around the clock access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate Community. Some of the additional features that come with Wealthy Affiliates Premium membership include:

1) 25 Websites with your own domain and 25 Websites with a Site Rubix Sub Domain.  

When you initially sign up as a Starter member, you are allowed to host a maximum of two WordPress Websites on Wealthy Affiliate’s servers. These two websites will have Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix sub domain from the Site Rubix Website Builder at Wealthy Affiliate. The extension of these websites will be ( Once you sign up for their Premium Membership, you can host up to 50 websites. You are allowed to have 25 Websites that each have your own domain and 25 Websites that each have Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix sub domain. Having the ability to host many websites at Wealthy Affiliate is convenient, but more websites does not always equate to more revenue. It is better to focus on a few websites that each generate a lot of traffic in comparison to many websites that each generate a little traffic. Managing fewer websites is also easier.

2) The ability to host your own domain

Having the ability to host your own domain at Wealthy Affiliate is nice because it provides your online business with an extra layer of credibility. Having a website with a Site Rubix sub domain is fine in the beginning, but switching over to your own domain is better if you want to have a single website that will generate a lot of traffic in the long run.

3) Access to 6 different Entrepreneur Certification Courses

You will have access to the rest of the Entrepreneur Certification Course series as a premium member. The first course walks through the basics of creating an online business while the other courses get into training that is progressively more advanced for maintaining an online business.

4) Access to all 7 different Training Courses from the Affiliate Bootcamp: 

The first course of the Affiliate Bootcamp will walk you through the process of getting your website set up all the way to writing your first review of Wealthy Affiliate. By the end of the first course of the affiliate bootcamp, you will have started your first few blog posts (including your wealthy affiliate review) and you will have your website indexed on Google. The first course will help you get started with writing the content for your website while the rest of the courses will cover different material that will help you increase traffic to your website and make your website more user friendly.

5) Access to 13 different classrooms (business models) for starting an Affiliate Marketing business

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.59.41 PM

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are variety of business models that you can choose from for marketing your affiliating marketing business. Each classroom goes over a single business model that you could potentially use for your online business. Whether you want to use Video, Social Media, Email, or Local Marketing to promote your content and generate more traffic, Wealthy Affiliate has training on each one of these business models to help you maximize your success within each business model.

6) Access to hundreds of Weekly live training videos on Affiliate Marketing

Besides Kyle and Carson, the two cofounders of Wealthy Affiliate, there are other members involved in making sure everything Wealthy Affiliate is running functionally everyday. Jay (username:magi-studios)  is another member who is responsible for all of the weekly video tutorials on different Internet Marketing topics. As of now, there are hundreds of these archived video tutorials that you can browse from through at Wealthy Affiliate. Every video tutorial hosted by Jay occurs weekly on Friday. As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can register before hand for each live video tutorial.

7) Unlimited Support from the Wealthy Affiliate Community including the ability to send private messages to the owners Kyle and Carson

As a Premium Member, you can access Wealthy Affiliate’s Community of roughly 650,000 members for as long as you want. Private Messaging with any other Premium Member within Wealthy Affiliate’s Community is also available. The two Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are also Premium Member’s within the community. If you ever have a serious technical problem or any others questions on internet marketing, Kyle and Carson are usually available to help. This is very unusual for an internet company and this is one of the features that makes Wealthy Affiliate distinct from other programs.

Does Wealthy Affiliate use MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Multi Level Marketing (MLM): Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is a form of marketing that looks similar to Affiliate Marketing. Multi Level Marketing refers to Marketing that uses Multiple Levels. It is used by companies that are primarily focused on recruiting individuals that will help them recruit other individuals into their company. Individuals that work for companies that use Multi Level Marketing do not receive commissions from the the number of sales they help make for the company, but for the number of people they recruit. The reason why MLM Marketing is called Multi Level Marketing is because this form of marketing has a referral structure with multiple levels. This is also known as a Pyramid Scheme.  In MLM Marketing, the people you refer (your referrals) are known as your downline. You don’t only earn a commission when you add a referral to your downline, you can also earn a commission when anyone in your downline recruits another individual to the company. In other words, you earn a commission when you refer someone as a recruiter and you also earn a commission when your referrals recruit others.

Does Wealthy Affiliate use them

Wealthy Affiliate does not use Multi Level Marketing schemes. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you Affiliate Marketing. I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but I was not recruited by Wealthy Affiliate and I am not recruiting others to Wealthy Affiliate.

All of the revenue that I earn from Wealthy Affiliate as an Affiliate comes from people that decide to purchase Wealthy Affiliate’s monthly premium membership ($23.50 monthly recurring commission)  or yearly premium membership ($175 yearly recurring commission).

 Wealthy Affiliate Billing Options

Billing Options at Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate supports multiple methods of payment. Credit Card options at Wealthy Affiliate include Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. You can also use a bank account. If you change your mind after buying a membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can cancel your membership whenever you want through your Account Settings.

*Although most countries in the world can create a free account (starter membership) at Wealthy Affiliate, there are few countries that are unable to. Due to a higher risk of fraud, these 7 countries are not allowed to create a free account. However, people from these countries can join as a premium member.*

1. Pakistan

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Vietnam

5. Nigeria

6. Philippines

7. Egypt

Who Is It For 

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone. It doesn’t matter what your background is or if you have any experience with affiliate marketing or starting an online business. Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate with the potential to be successful.


Wealthy Affiliate ProfileWealthy Affiliate is how I got started with this website. I have learned a lot at Wealthy Affiliate, but it is only a small fraction of all of the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very legitimate opportunity for starting an online business. The only possible downside with Wealthy Affiliate is that there is so much information offered at Wealthy Affiliate. Navigating the website can be overwhelming at times. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants an education on how to create an online business for affiliate marketing or even non affiliate marketing purposes. My username at Wealthy Affiliate is Dom550. If you to decide to join, don’t hesitate to add me to your network.

I hope you found this information helpful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment box below. Please let me know if there is something you would have liked to have seen in this post or in a separate post.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program I've Come Across
  • Price
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Technical Support
  • Community

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34 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    I’m part of Wealthy Affiliate too! I really like it. Everything you said about it is true. I like that I can get help so quickly when I have questions. I was able to get my site started quickly and there are so many trainings available that I can only keep improving.
    It’s so hard to find something legit nowadays and I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate before getting caught up with something that doesn’t work.

    • Dom says:

      Hi Samantha! I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for about a year and a half now. I was also drawn to the support and training at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is very thorough and broken down. With the support at Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t feel like I am walking through the wilderness alone. Having the ability to communicate with the other members at Wealthy Affiliate and ask for help when needed is very reassuring.

  2. Nadine says:

    Hello Dom,

    I can honestly say that this is one of the best reviews I have ever read. It is intriguing from the start to the end and it is really well-written and easy to read. Also as a Wealthy Affiliate Member I confirm everything you have written about it and I would recommend it too. The thing I like the most when it comes to WA is the community , because It’s so supportive and inspriring.

    All the best 🙂

    • Dom says:

      Hi Nadine! Thank you for your kind words. I also love the community at Wealthy Affiliate. The community is very friendly and provides me with peace of mind while working on my website.

  3. cesario solorsano says:

    Wealthy affiliate is one of the best ways to earn recurring commissions from home as an affiliate marketer! I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. WA is really the best way to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Thoroughly written, easy to understand for beginners, and most importantly very helpful in creating a business online. WA is for beginners to experts in the affiliate marketing business! Great review of a fantastic affiliate program. Cheers!

    • Dom says:

      Hi Cesar! I also love the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I like the fact that the training assumes no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing. I have yet to find another program that has training that is as extensive and as suitable for anyone of any skill level.

  4. stefan says:

    Hi, you’ve done a great with this review. Thanks for so much details and I am really interested in what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. In the beginning I was scared that this was mother pyramid scheme. But I can see WA is not focused on recruitment and the training is excellent. The affiliate program is also a good way to start making money online. I will definitely give it a try. Thank you so much

    • Dom says:

      Thanks for the comment Stefan! Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I also thought that Wealthy Affiliate may be a Pyramid Scheme. However, I soon realized that wasn’t the case.

  5. Randy says:

    Dom, you’ve got about as complete a review of Wealthy Affiliate as I’ve ever seen – someone joining up with WA after reading your page will have no surprises – except, most likely GOOD ONES. My experience has been similar – tools to do it, and step-by-step guidance on setting up your site, and everything necessary to get up and running for FREE, but then I almost immediately saw the benefit of the paid membership (not that much really) because I wanted to get to the next level with my business ASAP. What I’ve found is that it is all true, and the only limitation really is my own effort.

    Thanks for a truly informative page, this is a service to all folks out there looking to start a web-based business!

    • Dom says:

      Hi Randy! My surprise upon joining Wealthy Affiliate was definitely a good one. I have not come across any program similar to Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, my own individual effort is the only limitation I’ve encountered while being at Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. Mark1 says:

    That is a great review.

    Wealthy Affiliate really is a brilliant product and the best chance that anyone has to make real money online.

    It is certainly not easy and it gives no false promises. They make it clear that it will take months and years to be successful in the industry. But those of us who are motivated to put into action the steps in the training and stick with it will succeed.

    I have been with WA for around 18 days now and I have already learnt so much, it is ridiculous!

    • Dom says:

      Hi Mark! I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for close to a year and a half now and have come to realize that building out my website and applying the training at Wealthy Affiliate does take time. When I first joined, I was also really surprised with the depth of information in the training. I spent quite a bit of time going the training during the first few months as a member here.

  7. Dustin says:

    Your website theme is really creative it’s awesome. Did a great job explaining what wealthy affiliate, how much it costs, and the different programs that you can choose from. Its great that you included videos into your website it’s always nice to be able to watch something informative as well as read it.

  8. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey there Dominic,
    Loving your Wealthy Affiliate review, very detailed and you covered just about everything there is to know about what the program offers.

    I’m am member too and I get a lot of questions from members asking me about why their country is barred from the free trial.

    Just sharing my personal experience, its for the best because when WA just started years ago we had a lot of con-men who join the WA program for free just so that they can promote their own MLM program.

    They harrassed the members and started posting all sorts of inapproriate posts and most of them come from specific countries which is why Kyle and Carson to put a limit on them.

    Our community is quite peaceful and global because I for one am from Malaysia and we still have a lot of members from Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Philippines and more. If you’re serious in building a second income stream online, then you definitely should not think twice on this. Just sharing my advice for readers who have doubts about the country restriction part because I for one have many people asking me the same thing.

    Awesome read man, wishing you all the best on your Online Business. Cheers!

    • Dom says:

      Hi Riaz! I am a relatively new member at Wealthy Affiliate. I became a member last year and fortunately have not dealt with anyone who has tried to recruit me into their MLM program. My experience with Wealthy Affiliate thus far has been a positive one and I find the community at Wealthy Affiliate to be very safe.

  9. Chris says:

    I’m left wondering what the help (or even support) network is like inside this marketing community? I mean, I’d love to learn this sort of thing AND build my own website but I really wouldn’t have any sort of idea on where to start? You seem to indicate a 24 hour help system – can you contact other members for immediate help?

    • Dom says:

      Hi Chris! If you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member, you will have access to the other Community members for the first seven days. After seven days, you will have to upgrade to the paid (Premium) membership. Wealthy Affiliate is essentially a 24 hour support system. There is a 24 hour live chat feature. You can login into Wealthy Affiliate at any time and communicate with anyone in a live discussion. There are also discussion threads with each lesson of each course at Wealthy Affiliate. If you go through one of the lessons and have a question, you can leave it in the discussion thread below. You can usually expect to receive answers to questions in these threads within a couple of hours. There is also a search bar at the top of the page where you can ask any question that you may have. Once you ask question, your question will show up in place called the “Activity Dashboard” which is the first page that shows up when people login into their account at Wealthy Affiliate. Your question will get placed within the Activity Dashboard and you can usually expect a response within a couple of hours as well. One thing you can’t do as a starter member is send private messages. If you decide to join, feel free to reach out to me by leaving a comment on my profile page. My username is Dom550.

  10. Gary says:

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about eighteen months and feel very lucky to have found it.

    After going through the training and building two profitable websites, I’m confident anyone who can use a personal computer can earn a 6 figure income with the strategies Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

    In addition to cutting-edge instruction, tools and methods, Wealthy Affiliate is a supportive community of people helping each other succeed.

    • Dom says:

      Hi Gary! I have also been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about eighteen months now and do not regret joining. I knew nothing about Internet marketing before joining Wealthy Affiliate. I’m strongly believe that anyone, regardless of their knowledge with Internet Marketing, can achieve their goals with the right mindset and desire.

  11. Trish says:

    Wow Dominic, you’ve provided readers with THE most comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate that I have EVER read. Sure hope you’ve tweeted and shared this on Google+ so others can share.

    You’ve clearly covered ever aspect that members learn after signing up. Thanks for sharing the truth and stating facts. I came to Wealthy Affiliate with a lot less info and I truly appreciate no B.S.

  12. Matt T says:

    Before subscribing to Wealthy Affiliate over two years ago, I thought it might have been a scam. But after becoming a free starter member, I knew it was rooted in legitimate practices. The training is amazing, but even more impressive is the active community always looking to pay-it-forward. There’s so much knowledge and support within the platform – I don’t think other online business building services can compare.

    • Dom says:

      Thanks for the comment Matt! I also had the same initial impression as you. I thought the name “Wealthy Affiliate” also made this program rather unrealistic. Little did I know that Wealthy Affiliate was a very legitimate platform. I remember going through the training as a Starter member and getting a taste of the support offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I was so intrigued that I decided to upgrade my membership to the Premium Membership. I do not regret that decision at all.

  13. Celeste says:

    Hi Dom,
    I am also part of Wealthy Affiliate and I love the community support and training I have received so far. I must say that you have written a pretty in depth review and covered every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to set up an on line business. It is going to take consistent work and time. You are not going to get rich overnight. If you are willing to work hard at this you will be able to build a reliable income for yourself.

    • Dom says:

      Hi Celeste! I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for nearly eighteen months now and truly think that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers everything anyone would ever need to succeed with an online business. The only reason why anyone at Wealthy Affiliate would not succeed is if they do not put in the time and effort to meet their goals.

  14. joshua collins says:


    Nice blog mate

    I have been with the awesome site that is wealthy affiliate and i can say its truly awesome. I have been a member for 6 months now and have loved every second of it.
    i have to say after my trial ended for the first 7 days and people in the community encouraged me to go ahead and upgrade to premium i was hesitant but in the end and can say that it all was completely worth it as i have learnt a lot since being there.

    Whats your opinion on Wealthy Affiliate?

    Have you gained success with Wealthy Affiliate?


    • Dom says:

      Hi Josh!

      I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 years now. I initially became a premium member for 1 month at a discounted price of $19 per month, but changed to the yearly premium membership within the first month. I have had a yearly membership for a few years now.

  15. Ian says:

    Wow, this is one of the most comprehensive WA reviews that I’ve ever read. I have been with WA for about a year now and joining was the best decision that I ever made. The training is good and the support is absolutely phenomenal. There is always someone ready to answer questions and help out if needed.

  16. Francesco says:

    thanks for this interesting and detailed article. It’s true, Wealthy Affiliate offers a wide variety of tools and a unique training.
    I found out the support of an ever growing community is really helpful, especially when you feel the training is a bit overwhelming.
    Number one online business training!

    • Dom says:

      Thanks for the comment Francesco! I also think the support at Wealthy Affiliate is a really nice compliment to the training that is provided here.

  17. Eric Chen says:

    Hello Dom,

    Thank you for the informative review of Wealthy Affiliate! There are far too many scams on the internet, so I’m glad Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate. I don’t see it as your typical make money online program.

    It’s more like a university that provides you with resources and tools to learn how to make money online.

    After reading your review, I know I’ve made the right choice to join 2 months ago.


    • Dom says:

      Thanks for the comment Eric! I also think Wealthy Affiliate is like an online university. It is a very comprehensive program. 

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