Cash Crate Review

Cash Crate Review: A Cash Reward Site for Earning Extra Cash


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What is Cash Crate

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Cash Crate ( is a Cash Rewards Site that offers its members Cash rewards for testing out new products and services and for providing personal opinions on consumer research surveys. They also offer members Cash Rewards for spending time shopping online and for referring others to Cash Crate through their referral program.

Getting Paid

 Cash Crate on average sends its users checks a month after they come up with their first earnings. The minimum threshold payout at Cash Crate is 20 dollars. Once you earn 20 dollars or more, they will send you your first check in the mail.

Cash Crates Referral Program

If you signup for Cash Crates Referral Program, you don’t earn a fixed amount of money for referring a single individual to Cash Crate.  The amount of money you can make from referring a single person depends upon the amount of completed surveys they make and the amount of time they spend shopping on Cash Crate.

Commission: Cash Crate’s referral program allows you to earn 20% of the total earnings that each of your referrals makes at Cash Crate. If your referrals also sign up for their referral program and refer others, you can earn cash from them as well. Cash Crate allows you to earn 10% of the total earnings from the people that are referred to Cash Crate from your referrals.

Completing Surveys

There are two different categories of paid surveys that Cash Crate offers. The first category is Daily Surveys and the second category is Targeted Surveys.

Daily Surveys: Daily Surveys are free surveys that you can take on a Daily basis (hence the name). You can complete these surveys without revealing personal information. Cash Crate pays 80 cents for every Daily survey that you complete and are allowed to complete a maximum of 2 daily surveys for any given day. If you complete both surveys every day in a 1 month period, you can make right around 50 dollars in that given month.

Targeted Surveys: The second type of Surveys that Cash Crate offers are called Targeted Surveys. Unlike Daily Surveys, these surveys target different demographics (groups of people). In order to take part in these surveys, Cash Crate requires that you first fill out a profile and provide some personal information. Your personal information is used by Cash Crate to figure out what demographic they should associate you with. This will help them provide you with surveys that match the interests provided in your profile.

Free Offers

Another option that Cash Crate offers for Cash Rewards is Free Offers. These Free Offers come in the form of questionnaires such as quizzes and short surveys. You can also get paid by registering to different websites and becoming a tester for new products and services.  Unlike paid surveys, you don’t get paid the same amount for taking part in each Free offer. The amount of money you can make from Free Offers that Cash Crate provides varies depending on the offer. Free Offers vary from 50 cents to 50 dollars. Some of these offers aren’t free and require you to pay in advance. Most offers don’t require you to pay anything.


Cash Crate offers a spectrum of options that make using their service convenient. Since each survey pays a small sum of money, making money through Cash Crate does require patience. If you do decide to sign up for Cash Crate, keep in mind that you will most likely receive many promotional emails from them given that this is a Cash Rewards Site. The emails from Cash Crate and other Cash Rewards Sites can build up over time. If you decide to join Cash Crate, creating a separate inbox just for Cash Crate may be a good idea.

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