Ibotta The Cash Rewards App For Earning Rebates While Shopping

Ibotta: The Cash Rewards App For Earning Rebates While Shopping


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What Is Ibotta

Ibotta is Cash Rewards App that allows use to receive rebates on select products from different retailers. Ibotta has a desktop and mobile website. The Ibotta app is available both through Android (Google’s mobile operating system) and iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system). Rebates (a portion of a payment that is returned to you) are generally offered by the Ibotta app on grocery savings of apples, eggs, bread, laundry soap, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, milk, peanut butter, potato chips and tortilla chips.  You may earn money on consumer products from retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and Target.The Ibotta application makes the consumer experience fun,  and allows you to earn savings. Before you go shopping, use can use the Ibotta app and select products you intend to purchase during your next shopping trip.

How Does Ibotta Work

When you start using Ibotta, you will be given three options. These options include:

1) Send Receipt

Find Rebates: Earn Rebates by completing simple tasks. Some of these tasks include watching a video, participating in a survey or providing a comment on a product.

Go Shopping: Purchase the product from a selected retailer and hold on to your receipt.

Redeem: Redeem your rebate by taking a photo of your receipt. Match the item you bought on the receipt to the rebate you chose and receive cash.

Get Cash: Once you redeem your rebate through a photo of your receipt, you can earn cash back on that item through Ibotta. Ibotta will deposit cash into your account within 48 hours.

2) Link A Loyalty Card

1) Link A Loyalty Card: Earn savings from selected retailers through a loyalty (membership) card or a phone number.

2) Find Rebates: Earn Rebates on certain products by finishing certain tasks (watching a movie, commenting on a product, participating in a poll).

3) Go Shopping: Use a loyalty card or a phone number when you checkout.

4) Get Cash:  Earn Cash through your account within 48 hours.

3) Mobile In App Purchases

1) Find Rebates: Browse Offers within the Ibotta App and get Cash Back Before You Shop

2) Launch App: Shop through the Ibotta App

3) Go Shopping: Purchase through different retailers in Ibotta

4) Get Cash: Receive Notification when the Rebate is pending.

Once you choose one of these options to earn rebates through Ibotta, there are a number of different retailers that you can choose from. Some of these include Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

Once you choose a rebate from a select retailer, you can have Ibotta send receive the rebate through the app on your phone. The example of a rebate I choose is the third option above. There is a $20 Amazon gift card that you can receive through Ibotta when your purchase an amazon prime membership or renew an existing amazon prime membership.

Bonuses: Bonuses is another way you can earn cash through Ibotta. This feature allows you to buy certain products that you can redeem from certain retailers and earn cash in the form of a bonus. You can also earn bonuses by completing certain tasks through Ibotta.

Purchasing Through Ibotta

When your purchase an item through Ibotta through one of the retailers provided, it will generally take up to twenty four hours for your purchase to be verified. Once your purchase has been verified, you can have option of getting money through either  Venmo PayPal. Venmo is mobile payment service that allows two or more users to transfer money among one another through an app or a desktop interface.

Ibotta’s Referral Program

You may also invite buddies to join Ibotta together with your referral link. You’ll earn $5.00 for each friend or family member who registers for the app from your invitation. Upon redeeming their initial rewards, they’ll earn $2.00. Ibotta also provides their members additional incentives to redeem rewards. As an example, you can earn up to $5.00 for each $10 bucks you redeem in rebates. In case your friends join and redeem rebates, their rebates may help you reach $10 more quickly.


Ibotta wide range of retailers that you can choose to earn rebates from and their options for earning rebates make it a convenient choice for online shoppers.

I hope you found this information helpful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment box below. Please let me know if there is something you would have liked to have seen in this post or in a separate post.


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